Wednesday, September 22

could this just be a little too 70's....

over the weekend i dug out a few books that had not made it out of our packing boxes until now..
one in particular got me thinking and excitedly wondering ...

thankfully i had no chance to rush out and purchase the necessary equipment needed to undertake this particular task as in the cold light of a fresh new week i am wondering....

could this just be a step too far in the happy world of crochet?

exhibit one

i would of course chose a more subtle range of colours and clearly would not feel the need to pose in such a startling manner...

exhibit two

as i have no children i would wear my cape, again in a well chosen yet subtle colourway,standing next to a rugged deerhound and a whippet rather than the pictured child and setter..
i would of course stare with wonder in to the far distance and would also sport a slightly more windswept look...

exhibit three

this particular coat would be perfect for the cooler Autumn days but i would refrain from wearing the hat..
because the hat is clearly pushing the whole look a little too far...

whilst i pondered over my 1970's dilemma a little further i thought i would limber up the old crochet fingers ...
a few balls of cheap yarn which is not wonderful to work with but does have the added bonus of being rather robust and totally washable...
perfect for a dog blanket..

before anyone gasps in horror do realise that whippets are not content with shop bought blankets - they consider themselves far too grand - the cheap yarn will be frowned upon but i am hoping that the jaunty stripes will make the blanket irresistible...

clearly twigs thinks the blanket would be appreciated by the felines of the house and would be simply wasted on stinky hounds....

i shall return soon with a new pile of yarn all ready to undertake a 70's crochet masterpiece or i will have come to my senses and be turning my crochet needs towards a sensible pair of handwarmers...

wishing you well

t x


  1. Part of me wants a 'granny square' cape, and I love that little green handbag!

  2. I think the coat could successfully be updated to a new Millenium but for the love of all that is sane and rational puhleeeease refrain from the scarey cape and waistcoat!

  3. I just bought a granny square afghan yesterday at a thrift shop. It's black and pink color scheme just spoke to me. I have it draped over my sofa and am just waiting to hear what kind of comments I get from visitors. I have a feeling it will be a mixed bag of opinions, but I plan to keep it because I like it at least and it will come in handy on cold winter evenings.

  4. ooooooo how fabulishious is the cape! Just go for it! X

  5. I like the cape and think it would look retro and cool. I had a granny square vest back in the 70s, but it was only waist length.

  6. I feel a shortie waistcoat in subtle muted colours might just be permissable, but please step away from the book before you unleash such a monstrosity that is the scary cape.

    Even the beauty of your hounds could not detract from such an item!!

    Sue xx

  7. the cape the animals all have home crochet blankets......matching no less hehehe

  8. I too love the cape! Thans for popping by to see me. I've just had a sit down with a cuppa and your blog and have really enjoyed meeting you! Keep in touch! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  9. `Howdie`
    Just to say missing Whippet pics-NEED MY FIX!!
    Love to all Tx

  10. The children never actually belong to the models. You just need to steal one.


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