Tuesday, April 15

the most perfectly perfect small person...

yet again it has been a little quiet here on my blog, the words have stopped flowing and i have found it hard to settle on what to write and what to bury deep inside my mind never to be thought of again..

i do have a little excuse for my abscence last week in the shape of a wonderful visit from my family..
 time spent with those that love you the most is so healing don't you think?

i breathed in every smile, every step, every moment of my darling niece.
i listened and stored away the sweetness of  her tiny voice as she called out my doglets names - never has badger and george sounded so cute!

but in what felt like a heartbeat they were gone and as the car disappeared down the forest track i could almost see the black cloud of loneliness looming towards me - ack....
and it has now become apparent that a lurgy was mistakenly left behind which has now found its way to me and i am low with flu like feelings..

but on the bright side of things, for there must ALWAYS be a bright side, i am hopeful that i have located and grasped my making mojo.
a need to create once again.
about time...now i just need some warmer days and all will be well

Friday, April 4

hen hospital

we have two henny girls in the animal hospital..
with the taking on of 1200 ex laying hens last year it is a rare week when there is not a hen in hospital.. i think i have become an expert on hen ailments. sadly.

truth be told i have always rather disliked chickens, they have never been on my list of must have back garden friends. i dislike their legs and the fact that they are pretty unkind to each other. i prefer ducks.
but lately, and no doubt since i have been forced to handle them more, i have grown to appreciate their quirky ways and continue to be amazed at how each little lady is totally different.
each one has its own personality, its own tone of voice, its own likes and dislikes...

the two ladies who are receiving my t.l.c currently are...

madam #one... part of the 1200 crew and found a few days ago looking very quiet and forlorn in the hen shed. upon inspection she looked to have an abscess on one eye. we gave her overnight pain relief and trundled her off to the most marvellous vets the next day. much poking, prodding and squeezing and general removal of pus has resulted in, we hope, a happier hen. as of today she is drinking well but is not keen on my food offerings...

madam #two .... part of the 1200 crew and found tucked against the barn door with her head firmly tucked in to her feathers. i picked her up and was mortified to find her face SO swollen. my first thought was pecking from another less friendly hen but as i walked her to the hospital i noticed how laboured her breathing was.... swollen sinuses :(
pain relief given and then off to the vets for some antibiotics..

both girls *should* be o.k. they have accepted each other as bff and the hope is that along with the three gals that are just out of the hospital and in the recovery pen, they will make a great gang of five.
my thoughts are that they are unlikely to be accepted back in to the 1200 crew and to be honest i just could not do that to them, so i am going to see if our small gang at the top end of the farm will accept them.
if not then we will be searching for the very, very best person to offer them a magnificent new home.

{{ they were joined this morning by a short stay hospital visitor who needed some treatment for a poorly foot who was soon put back in the field for being too noisy! }}

Thursday, April 3

the people that keep us going...

i could sit here and tell you all the awful, heartbreaking, hideous tales of things that  happen here. the tortured, broken animals that arrive and the moments of seeing an animal take its last breath of life as you weep for it but who wants to read that eh?

so instead today i would like to tell you all about a single person amongst so many that helps to keep us going, keeps us motivated on even the saddest darkest days and a single event that happened today that had both farmer boy and i staring open mouthed in wonder and disbelief at each other...

this arrived in the post.

a gift..
a painting that could not be more perfect for us, for this animal rescue centre that we run..
the most thoughtful, utterly perfect present ...

it is of rodders..
.. and is titled *life is magic for sheep at the great british farm project* ..

those that have been around these parts for a while will know that name as he was a very important chap to us and when he died he took a huge part of us both with him..
he was one of our very first rescue animals way back when we had no idea that we were indeed setting forth on this animal rescue path.
a call out to us to take on this dear chap who had just lost his brother and was due to be sent to slaughter as they had taken as much semen samples as they needed and the actual body of the animal was no longer required.. i know - hideous, shocking story but one that happens all too often when it comes to rare breeds.

we of course gladly welcomed him and boy are we pleased that we did!
rodders was the most magnificent looking ram with such a gentle nature..
he loved digestive biscuits and honey sandwiches..
he was never far from our door and would greet those that arrived at our gate..
he was the single reason we started this journey of rescuing animals
he was our very best boy..

so you can see why this painting from an artist that already does SO much to help raise funds for us on our auction site and others through her own wonderful facebook page means the world to us..

truly fiona we do not have enough words to thank you xx

Tuesday, April 1

there's always one....

... that gets a teeny tiny bit over-excited on the day that the new bale of hay arrives....

Sunday, March 30

gently through the days...

we live remotely, tucked inside a forest with very little man made noise to disturb us, so naturally my days are quiet and i wander through the hours gently. i know how lucky i am.
from the moment  i wake up my head starts to think of all the chores that need doing that day and i ponder the best order to do them in so that hopefully, more often not, things are achieved..

at this time of year we are starting to really notice and appreciate the extra daylight hours.
 no longer are we rushing to tuck all the animals into barns and shed beds by 4pm feeling as if we have only just opened the doors on their day. the extra few hours are making a huge difference to them and us.

we are still in the icy grip of winter with the temperature dipping by 3pm and most days are still grey and damp but we are almost there, almost at spring, and certainly today there was a definite warmth to the sun... but i am not to be fooled and will continue to collect dry sticks for the open fires for a good while yet...

all i wish for as i go about the chores is that we will soon have a stretch of dry. crisp days so that the land can start to dry out, we are still ankle deep in mud which makes the days so depressing and the house constantly filthy. my washing pile is endless.
i am also desperate to start seed sowing as plans are afoot for a new and improved garden space of our own, sheep and goat defences are at the drawing and plotting stage and we are determined not to be beaten this year!
saying that i have noticed today that the fresh green leaves that had started to appear on the blackcurrant bush have nearly all been gobbled up. i swear they wait until the house lights go out before forming a sheep ladder and hoiking themselves over our walls - ack....
 it will always be an ongoing battle. us versus the dastardly sheep. we will always lose.

Thursday, March 27

a small thing..

a small change happened today, i felt the shift in me, a small moment where a clickety click happened in my old noggin and i have to say i am pleased...

basically a mishap has occurred, an event that has left me looking a tad stupid, parcels have not been posted, i had no idea, blah blah blah...
usually upon finding out such a mishap my head would have dropped off with rage, a massive screaming fit would have jumped out of my usual quiet self, i would have raged and then wept and then flounced off. its never pretty...

however today when my mouth opened and the first tiny bit of rage started to gush out a clickety click did happen of that i am sure for at that moment i realised my mouth had closed, i had said the words *i have nothing to say* and just calmy carried on with whatever dull cleaning task i was doing. well now...

i am as shocked as shocked can be.

i have had a few moments to ponder this clickety click moment and i remember clear as day the thought that flashed through my mind... actually as crap as this mishap is nothing has actually died...
and there we have it folks. a new me has emerged. unless something has actually died i am just not going to sweat the small stuff...

** the image with today's post was bizarrely on my pinterest page when i opened it after the clickety clack noggin moment. i am taking this as a sign and declaring it my new mantra **

Tuesday, March 25

in order to feel normal....

 ** don't go**
 beautiful town
i love this house
 homeward bound to the forest i love
i try to get out and about at least a few times a month..
 i know to most only leaving the house on two occasions in an entire month sounds odd but i have no school run to do, no outside work and food can be delivered to the gate and so the weeks pass me by...
and the fact that i am chased up the drive by hens and a certain sheep who then tries to cram herself through the gate desperate to come with me, looking all lost and worried... ack it is a surprise that i leave at all!

but in order to stay slightly sane i trundle in to town, or out to visit precious pals to catch up on news and to see actual people and not just animals.
today was one of those days.
i needed pegs and a plant.
i was left uninspired by the towns peg offerings {{i am a fussy peg person} but i did bring home a new plant friend, and from the charity shop two wooden coat hangers and four circular needles for the grand sum of £1
life's essentials...

beside the joy of clutching a new plant pal in my hands the best part of my jaunt out was seeing a new to me friend totally by chance, having only met once in real life before,we passed each other in the supermarket and did that awkward half smile do i know you kinda thing - you know the one?
two isles down we found ourselves both gazing at the chocolate and both our brains clicked into place :)
i left with a smile and a treasure from our meeting.
honestly the kindness of some makes me feel so hopeful in this otherwise rather scary world....