Wednesday, September 15

rather lovely rescue sheep raffle

sara gently reminded me that i have not given you an update on how the raffle has been going...

winners are slowly being picked via an online random number generator, they are then notified by email and get to choose a prize...
if you hop on over to here you will be able to see which prizes have been claimed and which are still awaiting lucky ticket holders..

it is all taking quite awhile as each winner gets to choose from the prizes left and we then have to wait until that has been done before we generate another number...
despite the time it is taking it does seem to be a fantastic way to run the raffle as each winner gets to pick the prize that suits them!

we are so enjoying happy folk winning such great prizes that we are considering running the raffle again next year - what do you think?
it has been such a wonderful venture because of all you generous and talented folk that kindly donated prizes - we are forever thankful to you all xxx

the money raised will always go towards the rescue side of our charity be it to purchase feed, vet costs, transportation or accommodation....
we are currently in the process of rescuing two Highland cows that need a new home urgently and we have also just settled two Zwartble sheep in to a fantastic foster home as we currently have no room for them here....

our Charity is also gaining recognition mainly due to our fantastic patron Julia Kendall
(from BBC DIY SOS)
we are overwhelmed with her passion for our tiny venture and now wonder what on earth we would do without her!

as you can imagine life here is busy but oh so wonderful as we get to be surrounded by our amazingly beautiful animals each and every day...
it is hard work but we love it and are starting to believe that we may just be able to make a difference to at least some of the breeds that are on the rare breed survivals critical list...

t x


  1. What fantastic work you all do. Hard work for sure, but I bet the rewards are endless?!?! I must apologise as I totally missed out on entering the raffle, boohoo as the prizes do look AMAZING! Such talent indeedy! Ahhhhhh can't wait to see the pics of the highland cows, they are simply goooooooorgeous?!?! Take care lovely and hopefully speak soon. X

  2. Hi, Just wanted to say that I love your idea of the sheep raffle, for next time - can I purchase tickets if I am on the other side of the world (Aust)?? Love you blog ;-)

  3. Thanks for the update.
    I would love to help in the raffle again.
    Best wishes


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