Thursday, October 14

which noah no-ears thinks is marvelous

t x


  1. baaah x I feel a need to knit that sheep a stripey coat x

  2. Aww so lovely.
    I love my woolie socks, they make me think of gorgeous sheep every time hehe!
    I sat down and wrote the begining of an email back to you explaining everything that had been happening here and then got a phone call on Saturday morning very early. My poor step dad had passed away, so I've only just got back on Friday honey.
    I will get back to you, hope you are all well.
    Hugs and love xxx

  3. so happy noah noears has you guys ..lovely picture as always ..lynnie

  4. ahhhhh bless his little cottons!!! So great seeing the updates of your clan.
    Weekend has been a bit of a blur, fortunately not working tomorrow so can make up for it.
    Yes, yes the book has more than a few great but simple projects in it to do. Have you a Knit and Natter group to go along to? I would have been lost without the help and encouragement the ladies at mine have shown me (knitting less than 12 months myself).
    I say treat yourself lovely and enjoy. Ionwen XXX

  5. love this sheepy pic, what an expression.
    all best


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