Saturday, November 20

a trip to London...

i would like to show you pictures from my epic 15 hour bus and coach journey from the highlands to the big smoke...

i would like to show you pictures of the country living fair in all its splendour and how i managed to hoodwink a press pass so i could sneak in before the public, scoot round and then not worry when the crowds descended...

i would like to show you pictures of my beautiful mama, auntie and birthday girl sister who i met in london and hugged tightly to me as much as possible in a busy place!

i would like to show pictures from the epic 15 hour coach and bus journey home which was so much nicer as i was joined by my sweet baby sister...

my camera remained inside the sack i call my bag and never saw the light of day...


all i can tell you is that travelling from the highlands to london by coach is an adventure, sore on the buttocks and your comfort totally depends on who sits by your side..

going down - mad foreign chap who spoke no english but insisted on chatting, but was at least very clean looking
going back up - sister who can actually talk more than me and who magically pulled a pillow and a furry blanket out of her tiny suitcase

the country living fair itself was o.k..
i have not been for a good few years and if i am honest it did feel a little less magical but that may just be the fact that i was seeing it through exhausted coach eyes and actually wanted to look at my mama and auntie more than the wares on offer...
the lack of cafes was as evident as always - they know that the place is going to be packed to the rafters and that refreshments will be tip top on shoppers mind so why not dot around a few more places for exhausted folk to stop and drink tea?

not a great deal of loot to show as the journey home would not have suited the large vintage cupboard, wood reindeer and vast amount of good food...

the highlight was meeting Sue Blacker ..
it is so nice to meet someone as enthusiastic about sheep and yarn as me.. this does not happen often..
i wanted to pull up a chair and stay all day surrounded by her beautiful creations made from the fleeces of glorious sheep..
our next epic journey will be to visit her mill...

the time at home with my sister was too short and my heart actually broke as she left..

she arrived here when we needed her most
she filled our home with laughter and warmth
she held us both up when disappointment came knocking at our door
she made me realise that i am a lucky girl indeed
she will be back very soon....

so now the house is quiet again and i sit sewing and packing orders alone which is not nearly as nice as having my sister sitting opposite making me smile ...
but orders are leaving, winging there way to customers no doubt as Christmas gifts....

which in turn makes me think about decorating this old home of ours...
i pulled the first of the boxes out of the attic today..
i plan on starting early and decorating each and every room in the house..

there will be photographs :)


  1. Hello T, Cheers for the comment. I bet you had a ore bottie!! I never did make it To CL fair (my friend had a stall and a god customer) Felt to Christmased out -already!!

    Im hope i get a whippie in me stocking????

    Love to all your beauties...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I cannot wait to see the pictures of your halls decked for Christmas. Tracey, I hold a special place of hope for you in my heart. Sounds sooooooo sugary but, well, that is how it goes! Wishing you well!

    love, Katy

  3. I hope your decorating plans go better than ours ever have.


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