Friday, December 3


with all this snow i do wonder how our dear sweet outside animals cope...

the ducks seem just dandy if a little less active and a lot keener at feed time!

the ponies are rejoicing in there deep filled hay bed and galloping like maniacs through the snow...

the sheep spend a great deal of time looking towards the house and shouting!
i am not too worried about them as they are sturdy stock..
the only one i do worry about is dear hilde...

she is one of our rescue sheep from earlier this year and we knew when she arrived that she was not a young thing..
it was only when we checked her teeth whilst we were cleaning and trimming her feet that we saw how old she actually is :(
we are just so very, very grateful that her last years will be spent with us where she will be loved and adored ..

the snow continues to fall here which makes it hard to get out and about ...

the hounds are taking very short trips out with miss mabel moo enjoying it the least!

and me?
my back is improving but i am still taking it very easy..
thankfully stephen has taken on all the tasks that i normally do - i am not sure how it does it all in the short amount of daylight we have especially as the animals water needs checking and defrosting throughout the day..

i am however catching up with lots of orders which is great - i hate feeling swamped and rushed especially when it is an item that needs personalising....

i am still hoping that the snow all disappears before Christmas so my parents can fly in...

fingers crossed
time will tell


  1. glad your back's on the mend, I get trapped in my truck sometimes with sciatica and have to practically crawl up the definitely have my sympathy, backs are a bugger when they go!
    I've too often wondered how the creatures cope in the cold, especially the water lovers. tough feet that's all i can say!
    Your handmade items are just gorgeous T, there's going to be some lucky folk receiving those.x

  2. Hi Tracy,

    Philip here. I love the new(ish) Blog. I miss you guys. It's lovely to be able to leave you a message without having to be approved and jump through hoops.



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