Thursday, December 30

festive decorations

on twitter today i noticed lots of lovely folk that are desperate to take down all the festive decorations in there homes ..

i am not one of those people...

i totally get what they mean - christmas over and time to get on with a fresh new year, but i just adore all our decorations and this year we have a particularly beautiful kitchen tree...

i am holding out to the twelfth night and even then a few little pixies may remain out until Springtime :)



  1. The cards might come down before the 12th, they are jumping off the cupboard,or they are getting help from our 2 year old grandson. But the tree will stay until 12th night. Wonder if I'll get the right night this year?

  2. I will keep my decorations up until 12th night, but my angels stay on display all year :)

  3. Mine are staying up until 12th night too. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2011. :) x

  4. My decorations will stay up to twelfth night and beyond. I love my Christmas tree, I really don't understand the rush to take it down. Perhaps people shouldn't put it up in November and then they wouldn't be sick of Christmas before it even starts? I am grateful for the time-out that Christmas affords. Yes it can be stressy beforehand but the de-stressing over Christmas time is wonderful. The pretty decorations are part of that. I want to keep the magic - not send it out the door as soon as I can.


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