Tuesday, December 7

a little extra decoration

i nipped to the upstairs room to retrieve another box of festive decorations so that i could add a few finishing touches to a shelf in the kitchen...

i returned to find that the little extra decoration was in place already ....

much nicer than anything in my box of decorations!


  1. talking of extra decorations I finally got round to making myself these


  2. purrfect match with the colour scheme too xx

  3. sooooo lovely and festive and that cat decor looks so realistic hehe x

  4. Oh thats so lovely! We left our decorations in a former house, having moved twice and lived in three houses in six months we cant remember where they are so we have to start again! x

  5. I love, love, love that little wire Christmas tree!

  6. Ahhhh it looks gooooooorgeous lovely. Sunday I'm going to be getting all festive, christmas tree to decorate along with the cake and making some scrummy yummy mincepies. How are things with you now twinks? XXX


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