Monday, January 17

a glut of bread...

yesterday i felt a little stressed so i baked bread...
lots and lots of bread...

today i have walked the hounds a great deal in order to prevent the added inches around the tummy...

it has been so sunny and a little warmer than of late which was most welcome...

even though i did not need my scarf for what seems like ages, it was still rather lovely to walk in and find that stephen had lit the woodburner in the living space




  1. Yes it's always a good idea to bake bread when you feel stressed - very therapeutic! That wood stove looks very inviting.

    Keep warm!

  2. Ooooooo how divine, fresh homemade bread. Hope it helped de-stress you a wee bit lovely?!?! I love baking but I'm a little scared of baking bread!!!

    We are not far off starting renovations to our farm house and we have a heating range just waiting to be restored, so canna wait to get it up and running! Will be bliss this next winter.

    Hugs to you all. XXX

  3. I love to bake when I'm stressed or sad too. Hope the sun shines today. x

  4. Fresh home-made bread and a lovely fire too. What more could you wish for after a nice walk x


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