Monday, January 3

three in a bed

the felines are very fussy about where they sleep..

since we lost our dear sweet bracken the remaining trio have decided that it is better to love each other rather than squabble ..

hence they now all sleep together...

i am not sure who is in charge of locating chosen snooze spot of the day, but they always appear somewhere ..
on top of washing piles
behind curtains
in the log basket
and today in a box that the shopping arrived home in..

we may live in Scotland but we are very English...



  1. Surely that is a union flag? Signifying the close union between the three countries - or in your case - cats!

  2. Cats know cozy. Wishing you all the best in 2011.

  3. Love the photo :) our cats love boxes too...but never altogether xx

  4. cor blimey...i too am english but live in australia..we are sweltering in the high 30's..still having an afternoon dip in the indian ocean isn't too bad!my pooch and cats are snoozing under the ceiling fan [on the floor of course]..too cute photo's too..


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