Monday, May 28

today i shall be mostly thinking about ponies doo-dahs....

 i realise that today's blog title will have many of you marvellous visitors recalling in horror and switching off, and that there will be those of you that are odd enough folk to be faintly curious enough to read on - and for you faithful few i am grateful...

now you may ask why on earth i am spending my time thinking about my ponies under-carriage  areas and i can assure you that it is not something that i think about at this great length that often


clearly i may have fleeting thoughts daily just in the context of "are all bits clean, present and correctly placed"....
but generally speaking it is rare for me to dwell this long on such matters...


we currently have two beautiful young RSPCA ponies with us, they are here to be gently taught that humans can be trusted and that life can be good - they both had incredibly bad starts in life and are only alive due to the fact that the RSPCA are bloody magnificent...

our part of these two chaps lives is to love, feed and whisper sweet tales in to their soft ears..
too fill their empty hearts with hope...
to fill there tummies with good grass and sweet meadow hay and the occasional carroty treat...

and to remove there doo dahs....


the vet is booked for tuesday
doo dahs are to be removed

as always i know it is routine
i know that our vets are great
i know that i shall marvel at the whole process

but seriously folks a part of me is worried and this is why today my thoughts are all about doo dahs
please excuse my odd ramblings, and if by chance you happen to be cycling through the forest past our fields over the next few weeks and spot a woman no doubt still in her pyjamas staring madly at the private areas of two incredibly bored looking ponies - do not be scared, do not fall from your bicycle in fear that you have happened upon someone with a weird horse fetish... it will just be me checking for the hundredth time that day for any signs of infection and wishing that ponies could be born with doo dahs that were more easily removed...

i give thanks for those of you that have remained with me to the end of this post
you deserve a reward...

t x


  1. I read to the are in my thoughts through this process. Thank you for taking them in...they need your tender loving care. Keep us posted!
    Val in Kansas USA

  2. I thought it didn't get any better than a pig with cystitis but evidently not! If it's any consolation Tracy, I recently had an hilarious conversation with a colleague at Waitrose about how she uses baby wipes for cleaning her male horse in a very intimate place.I had never considered this was necessary and can only think she gets through a lot of baby wipes! Hope your boys aren't too traumatised with the loss of their manhood! Alice x

  3. I'm sure with your tender loving care their doo dahs will be fine after the op. Good to see you back x

  4. Smiling here...and hope the ops go well....and sore bits heal quickly!

  5. excellent post!
    all the way to the end my friend!
    I am sure they will be fine...but keep checking!

  6. Oh, I hope everything went well, today. Well, of course, it probably did...but, it always gives me the willies. Poor guys.... erp! =\

    But, it's so wonderful to see you posting, again!!!



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