Sunday, June 17

rain stops play.......

so on Saturday
the heavens opened and the farm became more mud than magic....
we could not expect or hope that folk would want to visit us when we ourselves were doing anything to get the other one to go out and see to the animals..

my wellies leak
my coat has been eaten by ferrets
my arm is missing

you get the picture...

we waited and waited hoping that things would improve, that the river running through our drive would become the small stream that it usually is...
the weather got worse and we made the decision to cancel...

an email offering folk an open invitation to visit on a sunnier day was sent

a day when the sheep were not all pressed against walls trying to keep at least an ear dry

one upside to it all is that stephen gets to eat an almighty pile of scones
he is a one man scone eating machine - even the hounds watch in awe...

i have packed away the few items i had made to sell, they will come out again when we attend the next farmers market
making and creating just to raise funds for our charity has made me fall in love with the art of craft again

  money turns in to animal feed
for me its how it should be

of course today has turned out to be rather lovely - who knew...
we are now kicking ourselves at the missed opportunity
we should have been braver, trusted that folk would have turned up whatever the weather

the river is once more a stream and the sheep are happily grazing in the intermittent sunshine


t x


  1. Tracy I don't like ferrets. just saying xx Maybe I'll visit your next Open Farm sunday. At least it wasn't as bad as 'The Archers'..

  2. Oh what a disappointment for you, typical of our weather though. Hopefully your supporters will take you up on your offer to visit on another day.
    Carol xx

  3. so sorry your open day was spoilt by this horrid weather ,hopefully we can come to your next one. love you lots my loverly


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