Saturday, July 7

all work and no play...

makes me a little miserable...

the rain over the last few weeks has become heavier and heavier until two nights ago the small stream that runs through the farm finally became a raging river... no joke
i could hear it sitting indoors with the windows shut

all this extra water around the place means unhappy animals, the sheep are confused by the fact that  there lush green dinner plate field is now under water...  

the ducks have declared that it is just too wet even for them..

the hens come out of their beds in the morning and head straight to the barn spending their days tormenting the ponies..

the ponies need no further torment as they are already furious that they cannot go out but when let out they are furious that they cannot get in...

as for the pigs... as long as we place food and water close enough to there house so they can just stick their snouts out they are happy...

its only the cows that seem to be taking it all in their stride - not one complaint

i love cows

with all this unhappiness about the place i feel it is my duty to try and spread a little cheer
constant fresh beds, extra special food, lots of stopping and chatting with one and all..

this is all well and good but the pile of items on my work table is growing..

 so many little projects that i want to complete..

 so many ideas in my head waiting for space on the table...

it will all happen as soon as time allows
it always does...

t x


  1. the rain is beyond a joke now....even for a British Summer!
    I like the look of your little least you might get them done one day.

  2. Hello Tracy. Yes, our hens and duck are a bit miserable too, but we have a new drake coming to live with us tomorrow and I am beyond excited! I love the things you are making at the moment. Just gorgeous xx


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