Wednesday, August 29

dee dee dolly

i may have mentioned before about my baby sister , the marvellous girl that is growing a whole new babe inside of her..
two things really..
#1 i am immensely proud and heart skipping skippily happy about the whole thing
#2 i am enjoying making a whole manner of treats for the  tiny wonder

over the weekend i finally finished a doll that i am hoping is just about the right size for the first time that small one can grab and hold, it has taken a while to complete not because it is super complicated for in fact it is super super simple in its design..
no, the hold up has been down to a bell..
and there lies the problem..
i ordered them, they came, i marvelled at the really nice mellow tinkly sound they made and thanked the ebay gods that they were not of the cheap high pitched bell variety..
i then panicked - big style
what if i place new fab bell inside the doll and the small one somehow unpicks my stitching and swallows bell?
i put it out to the dear ones on twitter, i spoke to my own wise mama and the opinion seems to be that as long as bell is securely in place then it can only add to the enjoyment small one will get from her new doll..
and as my wise mama said, whilst it is small it will not have the ability to poke around and delve inside, that will come later when small one reaches the terrible two's stage..
i am guessing by then my hand stitched doll will no longer hold any great joy and will have been left in a pile of forgotten softies..

i have stitched that rather fine bell to the inside seam of the doll
over and over and over
i have given it a good pull and tug and all seems well

i am less worried

more grab toys are in the pipeline, i am thinking new small one could do with a hare and a mouse surely?

t x


  1. It is so pretty Tracy. You really have an eye for colour and pattern.

  2. Small wee dolly is a delight.......


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