Saturday, September 1

:: welcome september ::

first day of september and i was wide awake at 5am, wide awake as the darkness became light and as the hens started to rustle about in their beds...

i wish i could say that i was super productive but alas i just lazed about chatting to other folk that were also unable to sleep over on twitter...

not productive but a rather nice way to start my day and this whole new month..

september is looking as if it will be a busy one, sheep to sort before the start of tupping, projects of the huge variety to push forward, family and friends to visit and spoil...

perfectly lovely..

and of course the delight in my eyes being drawn to autumnal colours..

a few simple shots from today that tell me that autumn is settling once more in to my soul..

t x


  1. Love the whippet under the blanket. He/she's settled in for winter..!!

  2. Mr P and i took a walk through some woods today...i love the smell of the woods as it all changes to Autumn.
    Pixie x


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