Thursday, October 11

nestling down ...

its that time of year, my most favourite time..
the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping ..
my days are a little more rushed as i have less daylight hours to ensure all animals are suitably cleaned, fed and adored, but strangely i seem to have more time to nest, sew and plot come darkness....

despite the fact that the house we live in looks pretty as a picture and is in the most fantastic setting, it is in fact cold, damp and more than a little mouldy..
the hope of a woodburner being in place before winter sets in is looking more and more unlikely so chimneys have been swept and open fires lit in the vain hope that what little warmth that does not go straight up the chimney will warm us ever so slightly... 

blankets are being dragged from room to room ensuring that whippety whips are toasty warm at all times..
 they generally can be found in groups of two or three
stealing each others body warmth...

cosy nooks are being created..

homemade soup is being made after the terrible shock of tasting a cup a soup .. never, ever again

baskets and bags of crafty projects  are gathering..

 the most perfect time of year

t x


  1. You're in hibernation mode, and so am I.
    Old houses do need a lot of blankets..!

  2. What on earth possed you to taste a cuppa soup...madness woman sheer madness...rx

  3. hello! I loved the photos of your animals by the fire. i lost my own beloved dog in mid august, and I still reeling with grief. My fireside is diminished by his absence. Tresure yours while you can, they leave such a huge hole when they leave.

    Leanne x

  4. Catching up in blog land. I really hope you get your wood burner *sends big squishy good vibes* and OMG about the limp scare. {hugs} so glad it was all clear. Puts things in perspective, doesn't it. xx *sending good thoughts for a woodstove on freecycle*

  5. Oh, how cosy your cat looks! I too love this time of year, as getting into my P.J's at 3pm doesnt seem so early after all!!

    Lucy x


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