Tuesday, December 11

the country living fair and that skirt.....

imagine my delight when not one but two very nice ladies took the time to contact me via my little etsy shop after picking up one of my cards at the country living fair...

how lovely i thought...
what item of mine that i had on show for all to see  has caught their eye enough for them to take the time to message me?

a mouse
a hare
or perhaps a daschund...

none of the above

in fact both ladies enquired politely if i could perhaps let them know where they could acquire a skirt like mine...
do not get me wrong, it is indeed a very very fine skirt fashioned from fabric that resembles your grans sofa with an underskirt of pretty tulle, but not an item currently for sale. sadly.

now i have returned and am currently undertaking a little update in my etsy store with the mind to raise a few pence to help with animal feed costs over the coming months, so do pop over for a peek if the mood takes you :)

and next year i shall fill it with granny sofa skirts....


  1. I didn't see the skirt but it sounds fabulous! I still want one of your Thermos brooches but I hinted heavily to my OH that I wanted one so I'm hoping I get one for Christmas. If not then my birthday is at the end of January and if I still don;t get one I'm buying one myself! And probably one for my sister too as she would appreciate it!

  2. I was just wondering if you have any of your lovely hound brooches left? Alex x

  3. Hi, After Christmas would be fine...its a present for me from me :)x

  4. Ooh hello, just stumbled across your blog and recognise the brooches ... I bought a hound one at Harrogate so must have met you ... Where you with Rachelle? Hw lively, live these bloggy coincudences .... Will ave to add you to my list!

    Lve Claire xxx


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