Thursday, January 17

trying to walk through the sadness...

it has been a really awful, sad and exhausting start to the year, first the loss of dear sweet cilla and now two goats...

at the start of our animal adventures we never planned to become a charity that rescued the abused, forgotten and unloved animals that are sadly aplenty, but over time that is what we have become...

our new found job title has bought us many beautiful animals that we have joyfully watched slowly slowly repair there souls, wounds both physical and mental, and finally begin to learn to trust a human hand again...

sadly it has also bought us total exhaustion, sorrow that i never thought i could feel and we are now poorer than we have ever been. it is tough doing what we do..
with a heavy heart this morning and after all the early animal chores i took myself off with the camera and looked and photographed the space that surrounds our tatty old farmhouse....

and for just a few moments the sadness which seems my constant companion at the moment disappeared and i imagined i was in Narnia....


  1. These are lovely photos - Narnia beauty indeed.

    I'm very sorry about your losses. Very sorry indeed.

    God bless,

  2. Hugs sweet lady if only we could walk into a wardrobe away from all the bad stuff xxx

  3. So sorry to hear about the goats Tracy.

  4. Oh Tracy, I am sorry, glad you found something to give you some solace .

  5. oh my loverly girl,i wish i could take all your pain away or at least kiss it better like i use to when you were little,my heart breaks for you and im angry that i cant be with you to hug and comfort you,but you are in my thoughts every second of the day and i love you with all of my heart.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mummyxxxxxxx

  6. I am in such awe of you! More than miles and an ocean separate us, yet there are times when I read what you have written and can feel your heart almost as though you are sitting right beside me.

    You make the world a better place,not only for the animals,but for the many of us who need daily reminders that someone cares.


  7. I am so sorry for your loss. You are such an inspiration, I hope that this year brings you much more of the joy you deserve than the sadness it has begun with x

  8. Nature was healing you. I couldn t do what you do, we have decided our old cat will be our last pet, too much heartache. I admire your dedication and commitment.
    Carol xx


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