Tuesday, May 28

{{ blog every day in may }} day twentyeight

over the years i have been a gullible twit, i admit it..
i have taken words of advice and wholeheartedly believed in them..
i have this inability to see when someone is totally walking all over me and taking me for a ride..
i had hoped i would get better with age, you know a bit wiser, street smart, savvy...
nope. never going to happen..
so today's challenge of tapping out the tale of the worst piece of advice i have ever been given is indeed another tricky one for where does one start when one has had a lifetime of foolishly following bad advice?

as i crept was dragged in to my 40's i vowed to be a little more aware, hold back with my responses, not jump in with both feet and just take my time thinking about the words coming out of others mouths and i do believe i am a fraction less gullible but i worry that with this more guarded, less trusting mindset has this also hardened my soul a little?
i think through life we all put up barriers to protect ourselves but sometimes, thankfully, folk slip through, new friends that are meant to be, that have been pulled close to you for a reason, who's advice, words and love you can trust and believe in..
these moments are blessings, these souls are yours to keep, to hold close and treasure, to respect and look out for..

right now i am trying to listen to my own advice a little more and trying to put all bad advice, decisions and wonky pathways behind me..
being settled and grateful for what i have and not wishing for more
and perhaps most importantly of all being aware of advice that i give..
 making sure it is given with love and goodwill
even if it is from a gullible twit it will still be offered with kindness :)


  1. What a lovely post ,worded so beautifully xxx

  2. ooo yes making my own opinion and standing by it my newest habit! love this xxx

  3. I too am trying to be true to myself and stand my ground for my own good reasons, no longer to be coerced or pursuaded to travel routes that dont feel good to 'me'. To bring up the barriers is to protect those that matter in your own unique family unit and is well justified. When I dilute myself my listening or being lead too much by others I feel weak. So creating a strong self is on the cards to me too x


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