Tuesday, July 23

i am not one to harp on but....

for the love of baby jesus i am sick of being host to this unwanted lurgy, i have things to do, many things, and being physically unable to do even the smallest job without keeling over is proving tiresome..
i had to go downstairs to feed the cats and could only get halfway back up the stairs before i slumped..
but at least the cats were munching although i am pretty sure they are looking at me in my dishevelled state and thinking it will not be long before we get to munch on mad cat lady's festering dead carcass..

i have had time to watch too many nasty crime box sets with dead mad cat ladies. obv..

my poor super hero boyfriend is having to complete all the tasks i usually do outside with the rescue animals whilst holding down a job so he too is walking around like a zombie..
is it only a matter of time before the lurgy creeps around his shoulders?
i am watchful of signs whilst willing my own body to repair just in case ...

the house is at the stage where i just have to close my eyes and really hope that nobody knocks on the door...
it is starting to smell funny which is not helping me with my current sensitive state..
yesterday i washed up four plates and some cutlery - probably the reason why i could not make it back up the stairs without testing out the carpet for crunchability.. the cats could have just eaten that surely and saved me the trip...

cough cough cough is the sound filling this sick house and i am convinced it is only a matter of time before my poor old body says enough and cracks a rib..

what a waste of precious life being ill is..

enough already.


  1. poor you, just give in to the lurgy. Don't fight it, things get you down for a reason.. try and relax, you man will cope and your bugs will vanish sooner than you think. Be kind to yourself, wallow a little and give your body time x Oh and shuffle to the window and look at the view x

  2. Hoping Mrs Healthy Pants calls in soon with some crafty therapy. Eco Ethel xx

  3. Hope you're feeling much better soon.


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