Friday, July 26

treasures. lately...

i am a cancerian
lover of old neglected things

treasure hunter...

and whilst i do not speak loudly of the treasures i find, mainly as they are few and far between  nowadays as pennies are less and the world and his blooming wife are suddenly *vintage*, i do still love and adore them all..

here is a round up of treasures. lately...

some things to keep, some for future makeries, some for the shelves of my etsy shop and some for special gifts for especially nice folk :)


  1. Great treasure indeed. My 'find' today was a candy striped sheet.
    Carol xx

  2. Pleased to see the cats didn't get the dead carcass...hoping you are on the mend! The playing cards look interesting... 'vintage' bunting? Eco Ethel xx

    1. HA HA your comment made me roar with laughter :) on the mend thankfully x
      not sure i could use the cards for anything yet as they are so pretty!

  3. So pretty! Especially loved the quaint green glass cup & the Elf mug. And those ceramic blue-white shoes, make me think of Gulliver from Gulliver's travels for some reason.
    I am delighted to have stumbled upon your blog! :)

    1. i am delighted you found me - hello :)

  4. Oh my, what beautiful treasures xxBrenda


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