Wednesday, September 4

hello september

the air has changed, the nights are drawing in and becoming chilly, the trees are starting to shake off their leaves and the nesting instinct in me is just starting to peek into my everyday thoughts..

a list has to be drawn up for things that need to be complete before the long hard winter months are upon us here at the farm.
all must be completed in that short spell of autumn, my most favourite of seasons..

today i have started with just a few small things..

the planning of a new wood store closer to our kitchen door so that the skip across the yard in deep snow can be avoided..

pondering rug making...

blankets. everywhere

pondering covers for hot water bottles to improve on last winters towel wrapping!

quickety quick lightweight jumpers for all six hounds to wear indoors on the most chilly days

new hats, scarves and mittens for us

really getting to grips with making clothes.. {{this scares me}}

so lots of pondering going on but not a whole lot of actual doing as my days are being absorbed by amazing animal charity things that i am so so excited about sharing with you all!

but time will slow, days will become shorter, we will rise early and work hard to get all the days animal chores done before heading homewards to the fires and big pots of vegan stews...

how i love this time of year. totally.


  1. Excited to hear your news and loving that green fabric too! X

  2. And I love this post :) and this time of year, it's nice to feel the changes Czech


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