Monday, September 16 which i declare a tiny but jolly wonderful miracle has occurred

guess who has arrived at her faraway destination....

dearest darling cynthia is safe!!!

after weeks and weeks of worry and doubt that she would never be seen again, i am happy to report that she has made it all the way to Ireland unscathed and is very much liked by her new owners - phew...

two of the three missing parcels have mysteriously arrived, one with a 2nd class stamp on which is odd as i never ever send anything second class as the savings are practically nothing, and dear cynthia with the postage date of the 6th September - where on earth has she been until the 6th????

i am at a loss as to what the dickens has occurred but i do know that cynthia being safe and liked very much is indeed a small miracle with a very happy ending ....


  1. Cynthia probably went to Harrogate. Perhaps she's related to Agatha Christie? Or Bournemouth and she's actually a really important Union rep at the TUC?

  2. Oh, Thank goodness, I've been worried sick. I bet she's had a proper naughty adventure...perhaps you should get them micro-chipped in future! EE xx

  3. i am not sure i could ever stand the worry of posting another knitted creature!

  4. That's great news! She's so gorgeous!I really hope someone apologised to you.xxxx

  5. That is such a relief! I felt dreadful at the thought of her being lost and unloved somewhere. What a mystery! XXX

  6. hurrahh!! Oh don't even get me started on the postal system in the UK....or customs just deciding to not release package after package!!!


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