Monday, September 23

it all rests on an egg...

today i am nervously waiting for news on the eggs..
the first delivery from the 1200 gals we rescued is, as i type, winging its way to the dispatch warehouse whereupon after inspection each and every precious box will be sent off to lucky customers..
these customers have no idea what each and every egg means, to us, to the hens, to the future of the british egg industry..

Farmaround is the place where the eggs from the girls we are blessed to care for are available to purchase..

we are feeling pretty darn lucky to be working alongside a company with animal welfare levels as high as our own...
Good Food Nation is pushing our country, that's you included dear readers, to look at the way we treat the creatures that give us so generously the food on our tables..
they are asking us to spare a moment to consider what each and every cow and hen goes through just so we can nourish our bodies...

 {{darling doreen, recovering from being very, very low down on the hen pecking order - she is enjoying living in her own quarters with as much food ad water as she can manage in order for her to gain weight and re-grow her feathers}}

to purchase eggs and milk from farmers that care..

 {{ dearest girl as of yet nameless, quietly recovering in the safety of our hen hospital from the trials of being asked to perform so much for so little love and care by the so called british free range egg industry }}

and just so you know, each single box of six eggs that our girls lay, that stephen collects, that i inspect, clean, polish and pack, offers a hen the pennies to live another week enjoying total freedom..
to feel daylight on her back, to know what rain feels like, to investigate what puddles contain..

a real free range life and not the egg industries made up waffle that they have us all believe..

what i am sitting wishing for today is that you can help us spread the word a little, let more folk know how utterly amazing Farmaround and Good Food Nation is..
at the moment the hens future rests on egg sales, which in turn relies on how many fruit and veggie orders are placed each week

currently delivery by trusty van is pretty much limited to North Yorkshire, all other locations go out via Royal Mail which is expensive and to be honest not really how such gorgeous produce should be delivered..

so how about this?
do you think that you could gather a group of friends, relatives, other mama's at the school gate to sign up for a weekly delivery?
could you create your own group of folk that would be interested in enjoying amazing fresh, good quality food from a company that has animal welfare at its very heart?
would you be happy to organise all of this in return for gaining tokens dependent on how many sign ups you obtain which you can then spend on whatever takes your fancy on the Farmaround website up to the value of fifty pounds per week...
if you think that maybe, just perhaps, this all sounds rather a good idea then hop on board and send a message off to here for more details..

this project of building a network of animal friendly, veg loving agents is new to us all and i am sure we will experience hiccups along the way, but all we have to do is hold on the the facts, to remember the hateful reality of what the hens and cows in this country go through each and every day, and how we are all making a difference for the lucky ones we rescue..

all these little steps can make a huge difference..
buying the food you need from a company that truly cares, that then in turn supports farmers that truly care, that then creates a safe FOREVER home for little souls like doreen :)

even if you are not sure that you have time to gather together a group in your area do please take a peek at the Farmaround website and consider placing a weekly order, and if you purchase eggs then let us know how well our girls are doing!


  1. this is awesome how i wish i lived near enough to jump in..b.ut what i am going to do is research nearer me and buy different eggs!! x

    1. hello lovely you - we are hoping to roll out the delivery service nationwide which is why we need as many veg agents to sign up as possible. it may take awhile to get to all areas and alot of that will depend on how many veg agent friends etc sign up.. in other words if you can gather a big enough group then we may be good to go asap :)

  2. Just AMAZING! What wonderful work you are doing ... we rescued 3 hens a few years ago and Florence still remains, though now retired ... it's lovely to see the improvement after just a couple of weeks.

    Take care,

    Love Claire xxx

  3. Oh good luck with the eggs and veg. I wish we live near to you!


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