Saturday, September 7

the workroom...

with the shift around of jobs and tasks here at the farm it is now my chance to truly let my twitchy creative mind out of its locked drawer..

for too long i have been unable to offer any time to just sitting with my sketch pad scratching out ideas and makes, creatures and lost souls, but now there *is* time...

i can feel my breathing changing, my heart growing, my mind filling ... oh how lovely to feel this way again!

however, and by golly it is a huge however, my neglected workroom has needed to be dug out - months worth of stuff has been piled up and up and there was absolutely no room for me at all.
i cleared a tiny space in front of my new thrifted £15 bargain cupboard today..i wedged myself in, sucked in with all of my might in order to make myself as small as possible and began to fill its shelves with lovely linen ...

it soon became clear what an epic task this workroom clear-out was going to be when i could hear bella cat snoring but could not see her at all amongst the mess. not even a whisker. nowt.

it is still far from organised, i think i need to sort out some shelving and hooks but on one hand i am reluctant to put more up on the wall space as i already feel closed in...

this one poor room has to hold all of my stitchery and makery toot and still allow me room to actually want to spend time in there..
to be perfectly honest i think i will end up pulling out what i need and migrating downstairs to where there is company and a fire burning..
it is the smallest room in the house, a box room, and i am busting out every which way which just will not do at all..

thankfully a woman called marge may have the answer....


  1. Wow! You have so much gorgeous stuff... Can't wait to see more of your creations! How is Marge going to sort things out for you? Regards Karan xxxxx

  2. Ps Guess what arrived today????? My gorgeous package of kindness giveaway goodies!!!!! It is all so lovely, thanks so much:) please give us another chance to buy some off your handmade beauties!!!! Don't stop making things to sell in your online shop PLEASE. Lots and lots of love and thanks Karan xxxxxx

  3. this is just amazing! I am so glad you have found that time x


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