Friday, November 1

bedn #one

i have once again signed up for the *blog everyday challenge* which is the wonderful creation of this lovely gal

i completed it in may of this year and actually found that i really loved being here each and every day even if it was just a tiny short post and a quick hello ..

so here we are again, a whole month stretching ahead of us ..
each day we are given a topic which i will attempt to stick to but do fear i may be swayed off the path as i am in a bit of a swaying mood of late.. finding it immensely tricky to stick with one thing for very long..
i am drifting ..

on with today and it is the delightful introduction day :)

for those that may be visiting for the very first time - hello hello..

i am just a quiet soul that lives deep in the middle of a forest surrounded by many many animals.
 my partner and i run an animal rescue centre so our days are always full. 
some days are full of utter joy and others are full of sadness.

i will always be found in woolly tights, wrinkled socks and boots with much more than a smidgen of mud...

i am also a stitcher and maker of curious bits and bobs..
a fickle thing that does a little of this and that, hopping from one project to the next and rarely finishing anything..
my workroom is just a graveyard of forgotten creations slowly gathering dust...
i do have to get my lickety split on as very soon i will be at the Country Living Fair in Harrogate with my partner in stitching crime.. this is us...

i can be found over on twitter as lovelyolive but admit that i find it hard to fit tweets in with my day so i can be very quiet ..

i am also newly over on instagram which is slowly oh so slowly growing on me...

this is me
i hope we can chit chat again...


  1. Omg how amazing that yours is the first #bedn post I read and see u are as animal mad as me!! Can't believe u run an animal shelter that is my ultimate dream!!! This is exactly why I signed up for #bedn - to meet new, likeminded people. X

  2. Good Luck! I totally chickened out of doing it this time....but i shall be reading your posts.Love the tights! x

  3. Living in a forest surrounded by animals sounds magical, I've always wanted to run a animal rescue its one of my dreams!

    I'm also taking part in #BEDN it'll be fun to see what everyone does with each post!


  4. yay more blog posts! i love it when you post every day xxxx

  5. Hello lovely you,,,, can't wait to get home now leaving today so back in my nest this evening, yet!! Thinking I might like to join in but not sure I have the time , but I will look forward to your posts very


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