Thursday, April 3

the people that keep us going...

i could sit here and tell you all the awful, heartbreaking, hideous tales of things that  happen here. the tortured, broken animals that arrive and the moments of seeing an animal take its last breath of life as you weep for it but who wants to read that eh?

so instead today i would like to tell you all about a single person amongst so many that helps to keep us going, keeps us motivated on even the saddest darkest days and a single event that happened today that had both farmer boy and i staring open mouthed in wonder and disbelief at each other...

this arrived in the post.

a gift..
a painting that could not be more perfect for us, for this animal rescue centre that we run..
the most thoughtful, utterly perfect present ...

it is of rodders..
.. and is titled *life is magic for sheep at the great british farm project* ..

those that have been around these parts for a while will know that name as he was a very important chap to us and when he died he took a huge part of us both with him..
he was one of our very first rescue animals way back when we had no idea that we were indeed setting forth on this animal rescue path.
a call out to us to take on this dear chap who had just lost his brother and was due to be sent to slaughter as they had taken as much semen samples as they needed and the actual body of the animal was no longer required.. i know - hideous, shocking story but one that happens all too often when it comes to rare breeds.

we of course gladly welcomed him and boy are we pleased that we did!
rodders was the most magnificent looking ram with such a gentle nature..
he loved digestive biscuits and honey sandwiches..
he was never far from our door and would greet those that arrived at our gate..
he was the single reason we started this journey of rescuing animals
he was our very best boy..

so you can see why this painting from an artist that already does SO much to help raise funds for us on our auction site and others through her own wonderful facebook page means the world to us..

truly fiona we do not have enough words to thank you xx


  1. How wonderful, I love reading about your animals, they are truly blessed to be with you. Xxx

  2. If only there were more Fiona's in the world"


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