Sunday, July 11

a new place to call home....

here we are....

shiny new surroundings but still the same events happening here in the Highlands...

still the same posts containing snippets of everyday thoughts and too any pictures of my beloved animals....

but also a better insight in to my small handmade business and how i hope it will develop over the next few years..

the biggest thing i get asked for via email is what does my house look like now and is the build finished - so i promise there will be a lot more pictures and information on how Sea House has developed...

lots to show and chat about which i shall start tomorrow..

see you here?

t x


  1. Hello Sweetpea,

    Am I your first commenter? How exciting!

    Sounds like you have a lot going on and all good.


  2. See you ...

    Lovely word verification: touithie. Can you come up with a Scottish meaning maybe?


  3. hope to enjoy the journey with you ...lynnie in oz

  4. I love new blogs, new beginnings. They are scary at first, what change isn't, but with a little determination, lots of courage and a passel of friends...the sky is the limit.

    Best of luck,

  5. Go ahead, Tracy!
    I've been following your previous blog since day one and surely I'll follow Olive and Harry too.
    It's hard to me to post a comment as english isn't my first language and I'm a bit shy too.
    I love your crafts and I'm always delighted to see every photo of your "babies".
    Big hug and good luck.

  6. Thank you for the loverly invite to visit. I am looking forward to seeing what will blossom here!

  7. see you here xx

    (PS changing my online home too- new address in my profile xx)

  8. Sounds as though you have had some bad things going on Tracy? Hopefully it will all be for the good in the long run. Much love and luck xx

  9. Yes, definitely see you here! Good luck with the changes, Tracy.
    Love Diana x

  10. Oh, Tracy, I hope that all is well. Change can be so stressful in a way but when it's really needed it's so wonderful. Wishing you huge successes and that everything works out brilliantly well!

    Love, Katy

  11. Welcome to your new home; looks just as gorgeous as your old one.
    P xx

  12. I'll keep popping in - congrats on your new " home "

  13. Best wishes for your exciting new developments! I think a focus on hand made creations will be so rewarding, and will fit with life at Sea House. I'm looking forward to lots more animal news and pictures, and lots about Sea House and your adventures in creativity and crofting. XX

  14. How exciting Tracy, I hope all goes well and I can't wait to keep up to date with all your happenings. There could never be too many photos of your brood - they are enchanting!

    I love the name Olive & Harry, I think it really suits your devine creations - more sophisticated, very apt.

    Good luck and I hope those strong winds missed your pretty corner. Hugs Debs xx

  15. Looking forward to your new blog xxx

  16. hi hun glad to hear you are feeling better! we have a new calf called Daisy she is beautiful, you must come and see her! Havent seen you in ages - did you get the chickens? I am going to Wick on Friday if you want anything or want a coffee luv the woman across the field xx

  17. Now following. Look forward to you new posts x

  18. Hello! I can't believe i am first to comment. I look forward to more news about the house and the beasties!

  19. Hi Tracy,

    I've been following your blog for some time - don't know if you remember but i'm the woman moving to Skye on Monday and I asked you about keeping the animals calm during the journey?

    Anyway, love the new look and will be thrilled to see photos of your house. Your big change sounds exciting! Love Lesley x

  20. hello Tracy,
    good luck with your new space ~ it is good to change things and refocus from time to time and your handmade sewing is beautiful.
    my wee imo still adores her fawn ( she sits on the end of her bed with only her most treasured toys) : )


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