Saturday, July 17

raffle time

at long last the rather lovely rescue sheep raffle is up and running!

browse through our list of prizes and purchase your tickets here....

and if you would still like to donate a prize then please do :)
just get in touch x

also take a peek at our charities wonderful new patron - how very, very lucky we are to have Julia's support - in the few weeks Julia has been on board our tiny charity has been noticed by so many and fantastic opportunities are already starting to happen....

we feel incredibly blessed...
our sheep and all other animals that we hope to have are very lucky indeed to have such a caring, understanding and thoughtful person on their side...

happy sheep
happy us

t x


  1. You have some wonderful prizes in the raffle - have just bought my ticket and am keeping my fingers crossed that I get the chance to pick a prize and that you raise a whole heep of money for those lovely sheep! Good luck!

  2. I just found your new blog and will follow you.
    I originally found you from my dear friend Elspeth who I know was very fond of your blog.
    Good luck with it.

  3. I've been on and bought some ready sweetie, couldn't resist lol
    will be back for more before it ends.
    and i know Ben's got some to.
    Lovely prizes honey, well done to you both.
    lots of love,
    Catherine, Ben and the cupcakes x

  4. Hello Sweetpea. Hope all is well. I see you received Mildred. xxx

  5. hi tracy
    i do hope all is well with you, your family and all you gorgeous animals.
    look forward to further posts on this new blog


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