Friday, August 20

a chocolate whippet....

this week we are enjoying the company of two totally unexpected but lovely visitors ...

they arrived bringing with them a good deal of warm sunshine which is baking our hay beautifully

almost time to bale....

visitors mean a good excuse to bake a giant chocolate cake which i generously iced with chocolate fudge icing and placed up high on a window ledge out of reach of dastardly whippies..


a certain very clever whippet was found standing under the window positively shaking with delight as the runny fudge icing dripped spectacularly off the plate edge, on to the window ledge finally ending up on a smiling whippet!

needless to say georgie had a good few volunteers offering to give him a good wash...

only a short post today as i must away to watch big brother, sew reindeer and eat a large slice of cake

back soon

t x

a little note..... raffle tickets still available so grab them whilst you can - we are almost at the draw date whereupon i will be found weeping as i have to part with so many lovely goodies!


  1. gorgeous as always..and that sky and sea color is an understatement!! lynnie

  2. Aw, my rescue grey Molly loves baking too! One of the few things that will reliably tempt her down off the sofa is the sound of the electric mixer - she just loves to lick that bowl ;-)


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