Friday, August 27

sunshine and simplicity

i wish i could stop changing the kitchen around
i truly do...

this is the trouble when you have mostly freestanding old bits and pieces..
it is so easy to drag a dresser top off its base, add a worn out chair and remove a cupboard full to the brim with china and replace it with my most favourite tall cupboard...

the trouble with all this moving is that we are now stepping, or should i say falling over apple boxes full of cups, plates and dishes...

but how nice and simple does the space at the end of our kitchen look now?
i am sure a few pieces of this and that will be added..
perhaps a picture or two?

of course what i should really be doing is choosing a suitable covering for the floor..

t x


  1. OOOooooo looks simply wonderful. Love love love it. Free standing units are just the best! What is the flooring you have there now? How about a polish concretey effect, stunningly shabby and rustic?!?! X

  2. I love the art on the wall (the deer head? Antlers?) Where ever did you find such a cool thing? I like the clean, spare look of your white kitchen - lovely!

  3. You kitchen is lovely. Mine is sooo tiny, no chance of moving anything about.

  4. ooh I think I am due for a visit. that corner has changed so much. Hmm maybe when it's warm tho, or is it ever? xx

  5. I love those old kitchenette cupboards, but sadly had to get rid of mine because our current kitchen has nowhere to house it.


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