Tuesday, September 7

the vegetable garden

this year we have tried to spend a little more time in the veg garden..
it is located to the side of our house so has a little shelter on one side but is open the the full force of the sea and Highland winds from the other three..
this has proved challenging..

we always thought that the fact we are so very North we would suffer from not being able to grow very much veg due to the rain and cooler climate..
this is our third year of growing and we now know that our biggest enemy is definitely the wind.

we have had such huge success with the broad beans this year but after the last few days of very strong winds the beans now look as if a very large shetland pony has parked its backside in them..

as you can see we erected a wall of fleece which has worked well all Summer but this recent wind has ripped it too shreds ..
we need to rethink for next year and put up a more permanent solution..
however before we do this we need to make sure that we are happy with the location of the beds and will add a few more - currently we have that feeling of having way too much space for what we need and not really knowing what to do with it all - i realise that this is a very very lucky situation to be in...

some of the space will be taken up by some new chickens which will be wonderful but we will not put them at the top of the field as the risk of predators hopping over the back fence is high..
this area is tricky as it is also very wet in Winter..

we need to have a good think as currently the tiny amount of veg beds we have look silly plonked in the middle of the field!

i think more ducks...
stephen thinks not..
i shall be busy this week working on this argument....

t x

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