Thursday, September 2

shades of grey

i was going to tell you all about the horror of being told by my doctor that i am borderline obese all whilst i sat in his office wearing size 10 jeans...
but that is just not nice news....

i also thought about sharing with you some of the other woes that seem to have fallen slap bang on top of us at Sea House..
but that would be dull, dull, dull...

instead i thought i would show you a few pictures in shades of grey...

i adore the colour grey and it is in fact very nearly my favourite colour..

i am indeed currently staring at a white wall and a pot of darkish grey paint and wondering if i should go for it.....

mcdog thinks it would be a marvelous colour to go with...
but i fear that this is due to the fact that he sports a fair amount of grey about his person...

woody the wonder horse could not care less even though he does stare through the windows so should really offer an opinion...
just saying...

i shall sleep on it and try and decide if the wall will look super cool or a little like the colour of badly washed old knickers...

t x


  1. go on, do it! You know you want to!!

    I'm with you - it's a wonderful colour :)

    Hope you're ok. I can't imagine you ever being dull!

    Manda xx

  2. ooo I'm with you on the colour grey and yeah yeah yeah paint away!!! Grey walls n white painted floor boards (which will look fab when they have been worn in by your 7 dogs by the way), mmmmmm sounds delish. I hope things start looking up for you, huggles. P.S. Thanks for popping over to see me too. XXX

  3. You know, I didn't realize quite how much I love gray, too, until a little while ago. The color of fog!

    I am totally with you with the other stuff but don't want to be depressing or dull either. Wishing so many of us to have better times......

    Love, Katy xo

  4. hi Tracey
    Oh weight issues are such a struggle...i am currently trying to lose my baby weight again but it is so hard & the last thing you need is skinny dr (who probably can eat what he likes & stay thin)passing judgement.So right there with you...but on a brighter note lovely to hear from you & I have missed pics of those lovely pups!! take care rxxx

  5. Karen's house looks lovely painted grey so I would go for it!
    PS what is your doctor on?!

  6. There's no date on your post, but if I am not too late, I am here to say that I LOVE grey, too! Seven years ago, when we bought our old house, I took the then-radical step of painting our bedroom deep grey-- people thought I was mad! Grey had not yet started popping up all over decor mags, but I figure that I should have colours I love around me in my own home, so I went ahead and did it.

    That afternoon, after the first coat went on the walls, I was filled with recrimination: what had I done? Was it a huge mistake? Did it look like the interior of a battleship? But, I am a stubborn sort and so I swallowed my doubts and kept going. And I am so glad I did; I love love love love love our grey bedroom. The light changes the colour from mauve-ish to green-ish and all shades of warm grey in between. I loved it so much that I went ahead and painted the dining room the same colour. And I love it, too.

    I live in Toronto, Canada, so our light is a bit different than yours in the north of England, but there are greys to work with every type of daylight. It is grey and overcast here in the fall and in the winter and our grey rooms are just cozy and wonderful in that type of light-- I imagine you will have the same experience where you live.

    Long comment-- sorry! Good luck with your painting project and I hope it goes well!

  7. Size 10 obese - eeek better get myself checked out ! And I bet the Dr wasn't exactly slimmer of the year either - gggrrr. It is strange how if it rains in bloomin pours - hope you get some sunshine in your life very very soon. Loving the greys.

  8. Now tell us about the horror of obesity and the woes of Seahouse
    However, I do love grey. I like marl, gunmetal, charcoal, slate to name a few. xx

  9. Size 10? Idiot man. When I was at college a very fat, wheezy doctor told me I needed to exercise more regularly. I cycled five miles a day at the time but apparently that did not count.

  10. Grey is good.
    Doctors not so good.
    Woes very bad.
    J x


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