Monday, November 1

hello november.....

this month i plan on posting each and every day when possible...

this month could be either an amazing, life changing month for us or a complete horror....

dreams could be made or cruelly taken away...

and to all those that have asked these dreams do not include me being or becoming pregnant - i much prefer animal babies :)

my little blog could be filled with news full of good cheer or a place where i come to pour out my heart to anyone who sticks around long enough to listen...

whatever this month of november brings there will still be many, many things to be thankful for, hounds to hug, crafts to enjoy...

let the ride begin....


  1. Fingers crossed for you lovely girl. I know how important it is for you both, so will be along for the ride, bumpy or otherwise.


  2. keeping everything crossed for you, I hope, hope, hope it's good news... xx

  3. Hello, I enjoy your blog - I live in Switzerland, and I don't remember quite how I found you. I look forward to your posts, and I hope that this month holds blessings for you.

  4. Gosh I do hope it's good news. If not I'll be a shoulder to cry on but I would rather keep dry.

  5. hello darlink xx

    Good luck xx

    Be in touch xx

    I agree about animal babies xx

  6. hope everything works out wonderfully for you both xxx

  7. Hey lovely, I emailed you at cupcakes but not sure if it is still valid address. I hope you are OK, I am here if you need me, you have my address.

    Sending you positive thoughts lovely.



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