Tuesday, November 2

broken bean

my dear bean is broken....

her foot is sore and needs time to rest and heal ...

this means that she is incredibly sad when left behind at walk time....

however her injury means that she gets to snuggle in our bed all day in order to avoid the rest of the boisterous gang...

not all bad then queen bean...


  1. Oh my bostons love to get under the covers. Matter of fact, I/we have no choice in the matter. Little sadie likes to cuddle daddy when she has a belly fit. Tilly is momo's girl. She just happens to go everywhere I go. Bathroom included.

    your poor baby... get well soon

  2. Oh poor bean I know just how she feels as my Daisy also has a poorly foot. She fell at the beach a couple of weeks ago and although she has now started putting her foot down gently spends most of her time hopping round on three legs.
    Pene x

  3. Aw.....poor Bean. But what a wonderfully snuggly place to recuperate!!

    Sue xx

  4. Bean is beautiful! You could make some lovely greeting cards with those photos too. What type of hound is Bean? Did I say she is beautiful--gorgeous really :)

  5. Beanie! What a poor hound. Although a whippet and a soft bed is a classic combination

  6. Oh! What a sweet picture, hope she gets better soon x

  7. get better soon bean ...sending love bubbles across the pond...lynnie

  8. Aw, poor Bean =( Hope she is feeling better now. Nothing worse than being left behind when the others go out on their walks! Mind you, that bed looks pretty comfy...


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