Thursday, November 4

a message from a tiny fellow...

yesterday gave us a tiny glimmer of good cheer towards our goal....
we shall keep on plodding on whilst others sit and decide our future...

yesterday i also discovered a little fellow that had gone astray amongst the madness that is my life...
it was whilst packing up another raffle prize that the discovery was made...

how perfectly wonderful is he?

made by the very talented julie of little cotton rabbits and sent to us to brighten our days..

i am more than a little in love with him especially as he arrived with his very own acorn!

if you are very, very lucky and pop over to julies you may be able to find a little fellow of your very own or purchase a pattern and make yourself a whole hedgehog troop :)

our fellow may be small but he has a very big message to shout from the rooftops....

think about hedgehogs BEFORE lighting your bonfires...

spread the word....


  1. What a lovely little hedgehog. Have you seen the hedgehogs on my doorstep over on my blog

  2. Oh how gorgeous is he? Beautifully crafted and very real looking xox

  3. hi Tracy,
    he is very sweet... we LOVE hedhgehogs in our house. smallest does particulary.. maybe i shall buy a pattern to knit one for her since i have moved on from square knitting this year and can cope with a little shaping... only a little mind!
    she also still cherishes 'Faline' her dear you beautifully created.
    great to spread the bonfire message too.
    have a happy weekend
    ginny x

  4. Gorgeous little hedgehog! Hope Bean's feeling better xxx

  5. I want one too! He is belissimo! There won't be many bonfires around here tonight, but I have occasionally found little hedgehogs hiding in shady places!

  6. How lucky you found him!

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous cushion. It was well worth the wait! Thrilled to bits ;o)

    Still have all fingers and toes crossed for you ...


  7. I'm glad you found him Tracy and that he brought a smile to you. I have my fingers crossed for you hoping for good news in November. Just to let you know that my raffle package arrived on saturday - thanks so much, I'm going to have lots of fun with it when the growing gets going again in spring and thanks for your lovely note, J x

  8. I have to have one!!! I miss the hedgehogs now that I am in Canada and I have a very dear friend that misses them also. I am going to buy the pattern and make every Brit I know one!Thanks for sharing

  9. Your hedgehog is adorable. I can see that you are a crafty one. I admire who has skills with knitting. I have knitted clothing for my bunnies to keep them warm in the rabbit hutches during winter. I also like my knitted mittens.


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