Sunday, November 28


i am broken...

a trapped nerve in my back i think....

sadly it is not an injury that occurred whilst i was sledging or making snow angels, in fact all i was doing was sewing.. clearly my chair is totally rubbish and i had just sat in a bad position for too long...

i have never had trouble with my back before and i am now very thankful for that as by golly it is painful..

after two days of complete rest and a constant hot water bottle i am just about on my feet and walking gingerly around the house...

it is not a good time to be immobile..

the orders are piling up ...

and what i really want to do is go outside and play in the snow with my hounds :(


  1. I hope you mend completely very soon. I have had back pain, and it is awful. God bless.

  2. Hello Tracy. It's Andrew (and Connie) from Hawkhurst. Sorry to hear you are suffering. I thought you might like to look at my new blog - - which is specifically for Hawkhurst stuff. There is another one which is linked called which is much more general.
    Lots of love, Andrew

  3. I hope your back is all better soon! My husband is home with a back/nerve injury, as well. I can empathize after knowing the pain he's been in. Praying it's nothing serious-

  4. If it really is a trapped nerve chiropractors work wonders - don't know if you have chiropractors up there :-)) - but I can very much recommend seeing one. Hope you get better soon.

  5. Hi sweetie! Poor you. I empathise with you as I've this dodgy neck/shoulder/upper back nerve thingy thats flares up when I sew too. In fact the repetitive strain thing was so bad, I had to quit sewing for a while. The heat is good and gentle moving too. Throwing snowballs, probably not good. From what I hear, it's a wee bit cold up there! I'm sure that snow will still be there when you are all better. Lots of love x

  6. Oh Tracy ouch! I am so sorry xxxx I really hope it gets better soon, thank you for entering my 'Give Away' and your lovely comment.
    Thinking of you
    Lynn xxxx

  7. Oh no, I hope you're feeling a little better, backpain is such horrible pain. Hope you can get the rest you need though I know it's boring lying around especially when you have such an extended furry family all needing you attention! be well soon x

  8. oh feel better soon! back pain is rubbish, I've had it all my life so can sympathise xx

  9. Oh, horrid, horrid. Hope you mend completely soon.

  10. Ohhhhh nooooo, poor you. Hope you are tipperty top real soon. Make sure you keep yourself toasty warm. Huggles. XXX


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