Thursday, November 25

whilst it has snowed....

i have made mistletoe...

started to sneak in a few decorations....

swapped my ordinary purse for one that is slightly more seasonal....

and snuggled up with my boy and his pom pom

the weather folk say more snow will fall on us overnight and all day tomorrow so i shall busy myself with more sewing and animal cuddling...

altogether not a bad life at all...


  1. Just adoring your mistletoe hope your not too cold up there xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx
    do you still have your shop ?

  2. Sounds like a blissful way to spend a day..

  3. Yep, the mistletoe really is very sweet. Have a nice day with the furry ones, we - three cats and I - are also all snuggled up in front of the fire with lots of snow outside :-))

  4. ksheahan@onetel.com26 November 2010 at 01:05

    I too would love to buy some mistletoe too.Please...

  5. Hi Tracy xxxx
    It's me Gina. I have a new blog (and job) now. Glad to see you are are still surrounded by a menagerie of animals. I miss you!

  6. I thought of you yesterday.I work in a retirement home and yesterday someone donated a bag of wool and there were patterns in the bottom. You would have loved them , a whole stack of retro straight out of the 60's crochet skirts, dresses, shawls and swim wear. I often wonder what happens to a crochet bikini when it gets wet!? Some of the books were in colour and really quite lovely! I should have been alive in the 60s I loved them all! Such amazing colours!!

  7. Where oh where do you sell your mistletoe?
    Our family call it kissletoe)

    Hope your not too cold, it's positively warm here in Colchester only -3.


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