Thursday, January 6

the end of christmas..

the trees were undressed today...
i never truly know which is the correct day to take down festive decorations - is it the 5th or 6th?
anyhoo, bad luck or not i took ours down today...

the tree in our sitting area was particularly round and jolly this year and left us with a gorgeous treat..

a bowl of the most amazing scented cones...

it has now taken its place on the deck outside the front of our house - the birds seem to enjoy darting around it, especially the sparrows, so there it will remain until either the weather improves of the wind picks up and it is blown out to sea!

the kitchen tree has been chopped up to provide kindling for the woodburner so is also leaving us with an extra gift...

and right at the moment we need the woodburner as we are once again covered in a blanket of snow...

we are rather pleased as the last few days the rain had fallen and turned our field in to an ugly mud bath - much prefer the frozen sparkly white ground....



  1. oh tracy...spring cabbage...if and when i make a return trip to the uk ...i will have a plate full of the stuff...miss it like crazy..those wonderful deers..and of course your wonderful kind a lovely post today and yesterday...

  2. Oh yes I would be too. I do so love the white stuff!!! Yes the place does looks a bit bare with all the decks down. However it's a blank canvas a fresh start with the build up to the joy of spring. Wishing you good health, wealth and much happiness lovely. XXX

  3. I wish snow would return to Zurich. But the sunshine today feels nice.

    I love that you keep the tree outside to look at, and the pine-cones look nice too!

  4. I don't ever remember snow like that when I lived in the UK. We've got plenty here in New York though.

    I've just found your lovely blog and I'll be back.

    Happy New Year!

  5. there was an article on our news the other night as a wildlife park was asking for old trees to put in with the animals and birds, they love them!
    It's nice it has a use even after Christmas.


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