Sunday, January 9

grumpity grump...

i have been in a grump for two whole days... grumpity grump, moany old minnie...

it could have had something to do with this picture...

whats wrong with the picture?

look closer...

an empty cake dome


so today i made a massive batch of deep dark pecan and cherry vegan tiffin and a huge pile of pikelets..

i could live on pikelets....

i know we should be eating healthy food only after the glut of the festive season but quite frankly when the snow is once again covering the field and most of your kitchen window, then healthy is not really what a girl (or boy) needs!

it is not even the deep soft snow that we enjoyed before christmas, instead we have had about three inches which has immediately frozen so that it crunches under foot...
the sheep hate it and quite a few are hobbling on sore feet despite us having put down hay beds...

the hounds are equally unhappy as there tiny whippety feet turn a bright painful looking red after being out for only a few minutes...
the only brave, or should that be stupid, hound to venture out is of course cricket..

when he returns indoors i insist he warms up by wearing a warm outfit...

sadly for the wee chap it is his mothers old pyjamas....

oh the shame...

even his own mama refuses to look at the floral boy wonder....



  1. Love your cake dome, and your right it deserves a treat in it!

    Vanessa x

  2. wow, what an amazingly beautiful house you have :) And of course pretty pretty doggies :)

  3. maybe they need little bootees to keep their little tootsies warm and dry ?

  4. you have just given me the perfect justification for baking some brownies. right, orf to the kitchen I go....

  5. Cricket, I think you look very dashing in your mothers Pj's!

    Alison x

  6. I'd go for comfort food every time...

    Cricket, you look gorgeous, in a flowery kind of way!

    A belated Happy New Year to you lovely folk!

    Diana x

  7. We have just grey and rain, lesser of two evils? Poor Cricket! snuggle down and eat cake I say!

  8. Cherry vegan tiffin sounds fantastic. I think your dog's floral pjs are very fetching.

  9. OOoooooo the tiffin sounds delish!!! I think a cake dome should never ever be empty, having said that ours is too due to our over indulgence over the festive hols!!! Strict strict I think this next couple of weeks then back to filling the dome with delights (try out some new recipes from Nigella's "Kitchen" book)!!!

    Thank you for your lovely comments over on my blog. Wow 3 Kirstie's Homemade Homes!!! What is it like as I was thinking about adding it to my wish list. Oh so jealous about your new piggy additions, looking forward to many pic's and updates from you though!!!

    Hope to speak to you soon. Enjoy the tiffin lovely. XXX

  10. cricket - the shame of wearing floral pj's - i'm sure you will find some way to have your revenge.

    fabrics are in the post....

    hope the snow is gone soon


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