Friday, January 14

missing in action

sorry for lack of posts this week, i am desperately trying to be a good girl and work..

turning scruffy drawings in to actual new items to sell..

wishing for better light in which to photograph them....

realising that i do not have the time to make all the ideas that are in my head at the moment...

and yet again living in limbo land as we wait for some potentially amazing news regarding our charity...

and whilst trying to be good work wise i seem to be spending a large chunk of the day wiping mud off of hounds feet - the fields are under water and it is taking its time to seep away - this upsets some hounds who tiptoe through the muddy puddles ...dear sweet george

whilst others race through and insist on skidding to a halt with utter glee... not so sweet cricket

hey ho



  1. Oh my gosh! Your whippets are soooo cute I can't stand it!

  2. I love that little owl!
    It's awful trying to photograph at this time of year, you do seem to have quite fresh 'light' though, compared with the grey urban light I have!

  3. I am particularly fond of your pear brooch, it's well and truly special.

  4. Amazing pieces lovely. Really love your work.

    I agree with "GiddyStuff" I am always blown away with the freshness of your shots. You really do have a way of drawing us readers in. Beautiful.

    Oooooo I do hope the charity news is good?!?!

    Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words. I look forward to chatting to you some more. So speak soon hopefully?!?!


  5. Your pictures and blog are soooo lovely, I just love that last one with different pieces of different hounds..that would make a great print! They could be cards and calenders to raise money for your charity? :) X


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