Tuesday, January 11

winter sun

today the sun came out...
all too briefly but very much appreciated...

the downside of the sun streaming through our windows is the horrible realisation that i am a rubbish, rubbish housewife...


the trouble is that there are far more pressing and exciting things that need to be done - right?

we do not live in a house that looks as if it should be in a glossy magazine...

we live in a house full of hounds and cats and surfaces that are home to odd socks, burnt toast and stray books..

it is a home that is *never* completely tidy...
but is *always* comfy...

just the way we like it



  1. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but so pleased I did!

    I have the same "problem" with the winter sun, albeit a very weak one (sun not problem- problem is very strong!)
    I simply repeat the line "a blind man would be pleased to see it"

    Better things to do and yes, baking is always one of them!

    ps I lied to my horse- I told him he'd like his worming paste, that it was in fact food.
    He now knows I lied!

  2. I feel the same way about the sun. It makes me happy, but makes it harder to ignore the dust and dog hair. Oh well :-)

  3. I like it too!
    love the photos, I am sure we have one of those little cats in your top photo.

  4. exactly how a home should be xx

  5. Ahhhh a girl after my own heart. Yes yes there are far nicer and more important things to be filling our time with. A house with a bit of dust or a thing or two out of place is a home and like you, thats just the way it should be! XXX

  6. I am on your side with homely rather than glossy xox Beautiful pictures by the way, I am a fan of old well read books x

  7. The smile on the cat bookend is just priceless!

  8. It always looks really, really tidy to me.

  9. Hi. I love your blog! A friend bought me a beautiful lavender filed knitted heart for Christmas attached to a card with your website on. I have tried to get onto your website to see what else you do but am not having much luck.......

  10. ...just as a home should be, although to be honest yours always looks so tidy and neat on photos. But maybe you do as I do and take the photographs with the ironing pile and stack of recycling behind you!!

    Love the cat smiling on the books!

    Sue xx

  11. Your home sounds just perfect. x

  12. What beautiful photographs.


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