Wednesday, January 26


two whole years without my grandpa...

two whole years too many...


  1. These anniversaries are never easy, are they? Sending love and hugs.
    Diana x

  2. Much love and lots of squidgy huggles doll. Ionwen XXX

  3. really...i can't believe that ..i remember you sharing the story with us ..i shed tears for all my loved ones that had left this really does get easier ..i promise...but keep remembering the happy times and not the thoughts are with you at this time...lynnie

  4. When I'm working in my sewing room I often think of Grandma, who I'm sure passed her mad creative gene to me. She was an inspiration. I'm sure your grandpa passed on some of the best of him to you. XXX

  5. I am sending love your way, it is always heart breaking. The 26th, also marked three years without my dad, but I have to say it is getting easier, nevertheless I miss him tons. XOXO


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