Tuesday, January 25

sheep tonic

on days when i feel a little swamped with thoughts, ideas, worries, i just take myself outside to enjoy some sheep time...

it is *totally* the very best medicine

we hope to have many more animals in the future and the new pigs will be arriving shortly, but my heart will always be with the sheep...

i love that they give me fleece of course, but above all i love that when i step in to there field a calmness washes over me...

just me and the sheep

jim our bottle fed lamb is such a big boy now but still comes when called on most occasions, usually with his very best friend jack in tow...

then there is my dear sweet hilde, one of our rescue sheep who has totally and utterly stolen my heart... i would even go as far as saying she is my favourite....

she is very, very old so i am enjoying each and every day with her....

whilst i work through my muddled brain the sheep gradually gather round me, sniffing my coat pockets checking for feed...

these sheep are my tonic in a not so perfect world

and i adore them



  1. Who wouldn't adore such sweet faces.
    Carol xx

  2. They look adorable. A sheep that comes when it's called, so sweet... I wish our whippet would. x

  3. Fabulous shots of your wonderful sheep. They look so confident and completely different from when they arrived. You've definately been a real tonic to one another.


  4. Thank you Tracy! They are tonic for me as well! Thanks for sharing...
    Val in Kansas :-)

  5. hear ..hear..
    i too loved my dear pet lamb ,who grew and was still called pet lamb...

  6. I know totally what you mean. Only with me it's my Kune Kunes.

    At first they are excited to see me and grunt noisily, then we all huddle close and the group hug calms them down and they grunt quieter and quieter until they just stand and 'be', it's a wonderful moment for releasing the stress (for all of us!!).

  7. oh what a great way to unwind, I too love sheep and would love to own some.

  8. how could you have a bad day when you can look at faces like these. I think I will bookmark this post and come back to it often xx


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