Thursday, June 2

life changing....

we have now been here for a whole month and simply cannot believe how truly wonderful and totally perfect this place is for us...

all animals have settled incredibly well and we have welcomed seven new chickens in to our growing family!

They were hatched by the patron of our charity, julia kendell, so they have had a fantastic start in life and are now busy eating, sleeping and growing at an alarming rate. Six are Marsh Daisy's and one is an Ixworth – both rare breeds which we hope to help increase the numbers of in order to remove them from the Rare Breed Survival Trusts watch list... so if anyone is thinking of making a start with chickens please do give the minority at risk birds a thought :)

here are a few pictures of the bunch of hooligans....

they are still at the ugly but cute stage!

Our day to day life has changed dramatically since being here, we are both less stressed, better tempered and looking forward to opening our farm for our course days...
we both feel incredibly blessed to be given the chance to live here and we want to share it with others hence the idea for running courses...
you can take a peek at the first of our courses on our website here...

we plan to hold agricultural classes run by a range of talented and engaging experts who will hopefully inspire folk to keep livestock ranging from bees to sheep to horses!

We also plan to hold a range of craft based courses throughout the year and are on the look out for tutors now... we have willow weaving, batik, print workshop, spinning and wood turning in the early planning stages and are hoping to add to this with lots of others _ any local talented folk who are interested in teaching a days course would be very welcome to get in touch
the chance to earn money from introducing others to a craft that you are passionate about sounds perfect to me – sadly I am not skilled enough in any one subject to get a job here... I’ll make the tea, cake and lunches instead!

that’s where we are up to now...
sorry for the lack of posts, I hate not being able to blog as often as before but we are still waiting for a phone connection – it looks as if we will have to go down the satellite phone system route as we are far too deep in the forest to be able to afford BT to run a new phone line down...
until we are connected to the outside world I will try to get to the village hall more often to keep you all updated...
or you could always sign up for one of our courses and come and see us all – the whippets would love it :)

back soon

t x


  1. Ohhhhhhhh wow babs. Soo soo chuffed for you all. We are just in the middle of renovating our farmhouse n garden so as soon as that is all tickerty boo I definitely want to pop along to one of your courses (liking the sound of a printing one) and I am planning on getting a few wee chickadees, so shall be sure to ask for your advice. You sound really happy twinkle and I'm glad. Loves Ionwen X

  2. I do miss you, but am glad your new home is working out so well, the photos just look beautiful - unfortunaly I won't be there for a course - I would be if I could be but Australia is a little far to come - ha! Look forward to more peeks at your new home xxBrenda

  3. Me, me, me, me , me!!!!

    I'm a very willing assistant!!!
    My services are free of charge.
    I am sure I can rustle up a craft even...

    It sounds idyllic xx can't wait to see it one day xx

  4. Good luck with your new venture. It all sounds absolutely wonderful.

  5. oh, I'm *SO* so happy for you! All sounds completely wonderful, and looks completely wonderful too! How on earth did you manage to get all your animals down there and stay sane? Wow, what an adventure it must have been. Hope the satellite gets installed soon.....xx

  6. ooh, and yay for being closer to your mummy now too xo

  7. Soooo lovely to have you back blogging! Hope all goes well in your new home.
    P x

  8. oh wow, welcome back, good luck in the new house and with the courses, where are you based now? as I would love to visit the animals and learn a new craft whilst eating your cakes!!! How are the sheep doing?
    lots of questions!!!

  9. Wow. It does sound just perfect. We had originally planned to move to the Highlands of Scotland - not as far as you moved - but ended up in south west Scotland instead. Some days it still feels too far away from London! You sound so happy. I'm glad for you. Good luck with the latest endeavour. I wish I could come to your hens in the garden day (but Scotland is soo far away!). Bx

  10. Looks lovely. I hope you are well xxxx

  11. Hello and welcome back! It is good to see you posting. I wish you all the best in your new home. Cheers P.K.

  12. Tracy your new home looks wonderful and most of all you sound very happy there which is a really good thing. Love the Daisy hens Ive never heard of them before. I always think they look like mini dinosaurs at that age, they have such massive feet too!


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