Tuesday, July 5

deep in the forest....

living deep in the heart of a forest has made walking the hounds an adventure....

we stick to our own fields if we have a busy day, but as often as i can i escape and explore.....

as soon as you step off the fabulous bike tracks your feet sink into the deepest, softest moss beds...
the light changes...
and you are transported to a magical land...
it makes me feel like a child again!

the trouble is i am often gone for longer than i should be... stephen has often thought of sending out a search party....

the hounds simply cannot believe there luck... a whole woodland right on the doorstep....

we are still struggling to believe we live here too!

t x


  1. I wonder, now,.... I haven't read all the comments but, I have to say.... it Soooo looks to me like...."All Creatures Great and Small". I'll bet you just hear that ALL the time???=]

    I am so happy for your move. I had seen that it had happened but, now, I can't remember if I had sent my well wishes to you or not. Did I mention that I am SO happy for you? When we moved, three years ago, it was just right - just what we needed! It sounds the same for you! So happy for you....=D

    Love, Katy xo

  2. What changes! Can't wait to hear more of the story. Your new place looks lovely - I have just been on to look at the courses ...woodturning would be fun - I know it's one you have in mind so I will keep looking. All the best in your new venture x

  3. How magical! Would love to hear more about the whys and wherefores of the move. Hope you're feeling truly settled in and happy.
    Diana xxx

  4. Hey hey a hound picture - have missed those :-)) - your new surroundings look fab, although I did find the old ones great as well. But nice views are not always enough to make one happy.

  5. It looks totally magical indeed sweetiepops. I can quite understand how y'can just get soo lost in y'own wee world. OOoOooo simply fantastic babs. Hope everything is coming along nicely?!? Loves Ionwen X

  6. looks great tracy enjoy me dear x

  7. Good to see Whippies back on blogland. Lots love Txx

  8. Happy new adventures. The dog family will enjoy exploring every new nook and cranny of their new territory. Lucky things! XXX
    Miss Dog says she wishes she could come too.

  9. what a beautiful place to live! fliss xxx

  10. i am at the moment living in a 120 acres arboretum for a month. but when i go back home woodland is a few step's away when i open my door.
    so lovely to find your blog!!!

  11. Just checking on you - I miss hearing about the adventures of the hounds and seeing your pretty creations. Hope you are well :)

  12. You really did get lost in the woods? ;)

    Hi, Tracey! I think of you but have been only a bit here and there, now and again, in Blogland so kept thinking that I was just missing you but you've been missing for real. and....I hope that it's for wonderfully busy, new life reasons! I hope everything is a-okay! Wishing you truly (a mere acquaintance, really, who I think is just wonderful and has made me laugh and smile countless times - with a big heart and love for those animals and who has a wonderful panache ;)) ....ahem...wishing you and your family and your flock very, very, very well!

    hugs and thoughts to you all,


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