Thursday, May 31

the addiction

about five years ago my vintage china collecting had reached its peak

you know the peak right?

.. buying more and more, admiring it and then packing it away never to be seen again as there was no room for it in the china mountain

it was in those heady days when i had a bricks and mortar shop
the days before vintage was trendsetting and became the word on every ones lips
kindly folk were giving me feather eiderdowns describing them as ugly and unhygienic... 

i was buying old apple boxes for 50p each from a local farmer who was merrily burning more than i could possibly afford to purchase - he had two huge barns stacked floor to ceiling... thousands of the beauties - if only i had realised how popular they would become i could no doubt have made my fortune and become queen of the apple box..

hey ho

basically.... i was a frenzied buyer of old things
i lived and breathed vintage
deep down i knew i had a problem....

suddenly vintage became popular, prices soared and my heart fell...
as i sat amongst my overflowing rooms filled with treasures i knew i had to stop

my darling chap declared a ban


i knew he was right
i knew it was the way forward to a happier bank balance and at last the end of my frantic thrift buying face

you know the face right?

 searching wide eyed stare
mad woman with an addiction who will stop at nothing to get her fix 

fast forward to now

barely a scrap of vintage treasure has passed through my doors in all these years..

clearly i do not count the amazing vintage treats my mama finds for me - these are exempt 

ta dah

i was cured

i was proud and more importantly my man was proud...

and then last weekend he sent me a text

*the* text that changed EVERYTHING

*** i have a surprise for you***

to be honest i was  expecting it to be an animal of some sort - it usually is...
but my oh my how wrong i was...

i opened the door to the dining room and there it lay
in all its vintage glory......

 i felt woozy
my heart beat a little faster
my face twitched clearly testing to see if it remembered how to pull the manic thrifting look

(good news - it did)

clearly this was a sign.....

clearly this was his way of telling me that the vintage china buying ban was lifted....

put out the flags and pour the fizzy pop..
i am back in the game

foolish foolish boy

t x


  1. Clearly, he's a keeper! Enjoy!
    Val in Kansas USA

  2. OMG-hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

    well, well, well x

    Clearly you must start up a china hire business forthwith..

  3. Ooh lovely. Yes, definitely a hint you should pounce on.
    Carol xx

  4. I'm jealous of this set. Wow. When my grandma died 6 years ago, she left her fabulous teacups and saucers to my mum... kind of. I hope that her sister will forget that she has them (my aunt got loads of other stuff.) I want to inherit them & start thrifting around for some others! xx

  5. sooo glad your vintage blues have gone,what a stunning giftxxxx mummy.xx


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