Friday, June 1

a giveaway to celebrate the whole jubilee shenanigans....


there will be no sign of any union jacks on anything in this old house of ours this weekend...

wait, wait, wait,
its not because we think the royals are pants, in fact we think that on the whole they do a jolly good job for this fine country of ours...
no, its down to personal choice and our choice is that quite frankly the whole union jack plonked on absolutely everything has got to stop

we also will no doubt not see any of the queen parading her family up and down the river on her swanky new boat either...
we shall be doing other things like cleaning out the duck shed....

but we felt it important to offer a nod towards the excitement of this grand British occasion so have decided to offer you the chance to enter.....

a grand jubilee giveaway without a union jack in sight

in our house we have a queen
this is her

she goes by the name of bean
her full title being queen of the beans beany queen

she is majestic but shy and has occasional moments of complete madness rather like our own dear HRH 

she is also a nifty dresser

so in honour of our very own queen and of course HRH herself you could bag yourself this sweet hound brooch to pin upon your most favourite cardi...

the joy of our sweet hound brooch rather like all those union jack items, is that you can bring it out to adorn your
 "in support of the Olympics" outfit  for as we all know...

..........running is what hounds do best.........

 the winners parcel will also include some other finery not containing any red, white and blue, but i have yet to decide what it will be hence no photograph...

you can give this giveaway a twirl wherever you may be as we will post it worldwide

we are good like that...

to enter just leave us a note in the comment section of this post

good luck to one and all
and have a super super jubilee weekend 

t x


  1. Beautiful Queen Bean,she wears her crown/scarf so well.
    The brooch is lovely, please include me in your draw.
    Carol xx

  2. Hey! Love your hound, and she is lovely in her scarf! Count me in!
    Val in Kansas USA

  3. that is one adorable dog, what a sweet face! & that brooch is pretty cute too! xx

  4. hello my darling, just love the photos of Bean,she looks so cute in her good to be able to follow you on here ,twitter and facebook i feel really spoilt :) love you lots..Mummy.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Welcome back! I'm glad to see you posting again.
    Bean looks adorable in her scarf! I would love to have the brooch, so please include me in the drawing.

  6. Glad you are back to blogging? missed the fabulous rural photos, can we have more of your new place? and more dogs of course!

    Love the dog brooch, if I am lucky to win my daughter would be stealing it off me.

  7. Oh my goodness. I am dogless but have a wee band of virtual hounds via twitter. Bean is the newest member. Stunning dog. I would be proud to wear a brooch in her image :0)

  8. Lovely bean. Looks like my rescue dog. Love the brooch.

  9. Happy Jubilee Bean. Pepper says Hi. X

  10. **giggles** ohhh queen bean just looks like a right bobby dazzler. Bless her wee cottons. X

  11. Oh Miss Bean

    your 'umble servant begs audience

    please add me to your "not a union jack in sight giveaway"

    cheers, Queenie!!

  12. too late to enter? love your work and love your blog. Queen Bean is pretty sweet too.

  13. Ahhh - Tracy,
    Hello - so pleased to see you are back blogging again!
    I am delighting in seeing photos of all the lovely farmyard critters enjoying life and giggling over the haranguing you gave the trespassers! Well done you!

  14. Georgina Tranter8 June 2012 at 07:06

    Ooh tracy is it too late to enter? If not please put my name into the vintage pot too!


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