Monday, May 21

it would seem that i have been gone for quite some time....

missing in action for quite some time...
licking wounds..

but now i am back poking my head above the blogging wall after giving myself a very stern talking to along the lines of

pull your socks up...
just get on with it
stop being such a moody cow...

you get the picture...

back in the saddle ready to regale you with tales from my averagely exciting life...

bet you cannot wait



  1. welcome back, it's good to see you xxx

  2. Hellooooo! Glad you are back. :-)

  3. Goody! Lovely to see you!
    walter and me xox

  4. Very, very glad to see you back! Made my day to see a blog post from you. X

  5. So glad you are back xxBrenda

  6. i have always enjoyed your postings, i often look back at your older blog, welcome back! im sure many have missed you ;0)x

  7. Tracy, so chuffed to bits to see you back here and on Twitter. Made m'week. Looking forward to you mutterings. Loves Ionwen X

  8. It is so good to have you back, missed you loads.
    You must message me honey, here for you as you have been for me xxx

  9. Welcome back! I was so glad to see your post!

  10. I've been checking in all the while. Great news!


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