Sunday, July 29

slouchy pouchy

today i finished sewing up a hound based slouchy pouchy..

sitting back and looking at the fabrics and buttons i have chosen, i realised that it is all the colours that surround me...

 all the colours that i fill my home with..

the colours of all the ideas that are roaming around my head at the moment making great big loud clunking sounds...

the colours i like best of all..

t x


  1. I love this slouchy bag. I just looked at your shop and didn't see it. Can you email me if it's possible to order one, specially?


    And I love your blog, too :-)

  2. oh susan, i feel that i have misled you with my choice of words :(

    the slouchy pouchy is not a bag but a pouch filled gently with lavender that can be placed prettily around the house...

    although a bag would be rather nice :)

    i could not see an email to contact you so hope that you find the message here x

    i will be updating my etsy shop with new work over the next few days as i am still finishing a few pieces.

    let me know if you are still interested in the slouchy pouchy that needs a name change (!) and i could always reserve it for you x


    p.s thankyou for loving my blog as sometimes i feel that i may well be rambling on to myself!

  3. Hi there! I don't know much about the techno side of blogs - I just figured "it" would tell you my email!

    I love lavender so your version of a pouch sounds nice too.

    I will check your ets shop in a few days.

    I read (live!) in Zurich and not quite sure how I found you but I do love it. I am an American who had a little dachshund who passed in 2005. I still miss the fellow.

    I presently have a doggy who is quite a few breeds combined - but also short legged (he's part Basset). He is a rescue dog named Lucky :-)
    Thanks for blogging - and have a good week.


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